Who Is Noxernia

I’m a creator based in the United States. I make illustrations, paintings, comics and I dabble in other writing.

My work primarily consists of themes inspired by dark fairy tales, mythology, body diversity and queer expression. Lots of Faeries, witches, supernatural creatures and mysterious settings, with perhaps a hint of slice of life. Some topics covered may be inappropriate or uncomfortable for general audiences, so please pay heed to warnings around my site as you explore my work.

I am not one to share too much about my personal life for my safety and privacy, and I am a very strong proponent of Old Internet guidelines, such as not sharing pictures of yourself or your legal name unless it’s to a very secure server. You will mostly find drawn representations of myself or my Persona. Nox is my chosen name, but you may call me any variation–I have gone by Nox, Nyx, Nyxie, Noxernia.

I like cats, supernatural and paranormal topics, faeries, horror movies, and video games.